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  • Portfolio: Responsive website using wordpress
  • Skill(s): Illustrator, Photoshop, PHP, WordPress, JS
  • Project URL: http://jjoynergroup.com/

The J Joyner Group is culmination of the dream of the executives who have founded it.  They are a group of PASSIONATE GO GETTERS who are masters at the art of collaboration. The organization brings best in class thinking, tools and execution to solve issues for business.

For more than 30 years Jeff Joyner has built and cultivated a wealth of relationships from several sectors of business.  The J. Joyner Group is a direct result of those experiences and relationships.

The organization had its original website built in 2007.  After almost ten years it was beginning to show its age.  Jeffery hired PremiumScapes Consulting in the Fall of 2016 to completely redesign his website.  A new WordPress site was developed and launched in 2017 to better represent The J Joyner Group, LLC.            www.jjoynergroup.com 

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